Customer Care Series for Tenant Brokers: Colocation for Your Client’s IT Infrastructure

Whether your client is in the market for additional office space for anticipated growth or is in downsizing mode, a solid data center strategy is key to any successful real estate deal. Our checklist gives an inventory of key considerations when selecting a colocation data center.


Webinar: Business Resiliency Insights for Executives

Hear from renowned subject matter experts from Fibertown and HORNE Cyber as they discuss cyber resiliency, business continuity, and the current threat landscape.


Top 9 Considerations When Shopping for a Data Center

From stats to site visit, researching a new colocation provider can be overwhelming. Moving your organization’s IT infrastructure can be daunting, but knowing you’ve selected the right provider can bring some peace of mind to the project. Read our top considerations to ponder when selecting a data center provider.

FIBERTOWN Houston and Bryan Data Center Information Sheet

Data Center Information Sheet

Our data center information sheet provides detailed specifications about our data centers in Houston and Bryan – College Station, Texas in a printable PDF document.


Colocation Provider Checklist

If you’re evaluating colocation and researching data center options, this checklist will make sure you ask all the right questions. From power and networking to facility design and support services, you’ll learn how FIBERTOWN stacks up against the others.


Fast, Safe Connectivity to the Cloud With Megaport

With Megaport connectivity, Fibertown customers are closer to the cloud resources that are essential to business.

The Essential Guide to Upgrading Your Data Center

The Essential Guide to Upgrading Your Data Center

With the rise in big data and application usage, it’s extremely likely you are considering a power or space upgrade to add capacity to your data center. Maybe your server closet is overloaded and in need of an update.


Guide to Fibertown’s Disaster Recovery Work Sites and Dedicated Business Continuity Space

Whether it’s a flood, hurricane, pandemic or other business interruption, Fibertown offers scalable and reliable solutions to meet your needs.

Four Secrets to Avoiding Data Center Downtime

Avoiding Data Center Downtime

Dual-powered data centers have increased IT reliability by ensuring power distribution and delivery.


Case Study: Kelsey-Seybold Clinic Consolidates Data Centers to Colocation

Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, a major healthcare provider in Houston, expanded patient-care services and made significant investments in improving physician access to medical information. The clinic began outgrowing its data center facilities and faced the choice to rebuild or transition to colocation. This case study describes the challenges this health care company faced, their goals for success and why Fibertown was their best choice data center.


Case Study: Secure Networkers Scales Business

Secure Networkers helps businesses navigate the often-perilous terrain of network security by combining the latest technology solutions with a multi-layered infrastructure design. They help ensure their customers’ technology is robust and secure, reliable and guarded. Fibertown gives Secure Networkers peace of mind through reliable data center services and the ability to scale and grow their network security consulting and private cloud services.


Case Study: Petrobras America Inc. Gains Peace of Mind, Minimizes Risk in New Colocation Environment

Petrobras America Inc. is a subsidiary of Petrobras, an energy company comprised of upstream and downstream operations in Brazil and a North America trading group. Petrobras America Inc. was outgrowing their current onsite data center at their U.S. corporate headquarters. Fibertown offered a certified data center with redundancy, multiple carriers, and disaster recovery features (like being first in line for diesel for backup generators) that inspired confidence in the Petrobras America Inc. team.


Case Study: Texas A&M AgriLife Consolidates to Create New Enterprise IT Model

Texas A&M AgriLife is a diverse organization that supports healthy living for all Texans through agricultural research and practices, outreach programs and preservation of natural resources. Texas A&M AgriLife needed a reliable data center solution as they embarked on a multi-year project to centralize and update their IT systems across hundreds of locations serving thousands of employees. By partnering with Fibertown, Texas A&M AgriLife was able to untangle and streamline to create a hub-and-spoke network running on new equipment in a smaller footprint that would communicate with the data center hub.


Case Study: New backup colocation site allows Harris Health System to achieve superior resiliency and redundancy

Harris Health System is a fully integrated healthcare system that cares for all residents of Harris County, Texas. Harris Health System was outgrowing the aging building that housed their servers. They needed a true backup center to protect data and systems involved in caring for patients and a facility safe from the impact of Gulf Coast weather. Fibertown’s cost-effective solution provides stable backup services plus business continuity solutions and unique disaster recovery features.


Case Study: Waste Connections finds a storm-proof home for IT Infrastructure and peace of mind for its team

Waste Connections is an integrated solid waste services company that provides waste collection, transfer, disposal and recycling services for millions of customers across the U.S. and Canada. With the relocation of its corporate headquarters from California to Texas, Waste Connections required a new data center environment. From a hurricane-proof roof to enhanced security to a responsive and capable staff, Waste Connections found more than they expected when they visited the Fibertown colocation facility in North Houston.


Case Study: Mobius Partners Finds a Reliable Data Center Solution for SMB Customer

Mobius Partners is an IT solutions provider offering clients strategic technologies to help them innovate, transform, and deliver positive business outcomes. Mobius Partners’ construction industry client was battling a lackluster data center situation. Fibertown offered more bang for the buck and support of their customer’s success.


Case Study: Camden Shields Data From Gulf Coast Storms at Bryan Colocation Facility

Camden Property Trust, an S&P 400 Company, is a real estate company primarily engaged in the ownership, management, development, redevelopment, acquisition, and construction of multifamily apartment communities. Fibertown offered a secure colocation facility in Bryan, safe from hurricanes, tornados and flooding. Camden also utilized Fibertown’s Houston location as secondary backup for more security.


Case Study: Fibertown’s Business Continuity Center Provides Brazos CEOC a State-of-the-Art Facility to Protect Citizens in Emergencies

The Brazos Community Emergency Operations Center (CEOC) is a multi-jurisdictional facility that offices Brazos County, City of Bryan, City of College Station and Texas A&M University emergency management personnel to coordinate emergency operations from a central location. Fibertown provided a safe, secure, state-of-the-art facility for Brazos CEOC to lease so all four jurisdictions could be integrated under one roof to better protect the area’s citizens.


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