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Choose the best network solution for your business from carrier-neutral, high-performance network services options.

Carrier-Neutral Network Services

Network. Pipe. Bandwidth. No matter what you call it, your business’ connectivity needs can be met with FIBERTOWN’s diverse solutions. Some businesses need ultra-high performance, total redundancy and reliability — but only during peak seasons, with the ability to dial it back. Other businesses need more bandwidth to transfer massive amounts of data but can work with lower tier providers to lower costs. Regardless of your network connectivity requirements, FIBERTOWN is here to help determine the best plan for your business, while still satisfying your cost and performance needs.

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Data Center Information Sheet

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FIBERTOWN data centers are located near major carrier hubs and Internet Carrier Exchanges. These exchanges, also referred to as IX Points, IXPs or Internet Exchange Points, are where the world’s internet service providers (ISPs) and content delivery networks (CDNs) meet and exchange their network traffic. Close proximity to an Internet Exchange Point means the lowest latency and most robust network connectivity for our data center colocation customers.

Multihomed Network

Both of our FIBERTOWN data centers offer multihomed or blended Internet access. We have partnerships with multiple carriers connected via multiple circuits providing superior reliability with no single point of failure. Because of our partnership with ISPs we are able to serve a broad range of connectivity needs, failover configurations, and specific price targets.

Smart Routing

At FIBERTOWN, we are taking multihoming reliability to the next level partnering with Border 6 to offer Smart Routing. Traditional multihomed networks are engineered to take advantage of the shortest available network path. FIBERTOWN Smart Routing takes into account multiple, real-time factors including latency, packet loss, jitter, and transit costs to move your traffic through the best route.

Carrier Neutral Connectivity

FIBERTOWN has partnerships with a broad range of telecommunications carriers offering multiple types of service. When you choose one of our data centers in Houston or Bryan – College Station, Texas, your connectivity is provided via multiple fiber entry points into each data center. With total carrier neutrality, you can change your network carrier and/or network solution as your business requires. Our Houston and Bryan data centers are directly connected to provide the highest quality of network access between facilities.