Connect to the Texas LEARN Network

Connect to the Texas LEARN network through FIBERTOWN Bryan & Texas A&M University.

Data Center Services for a Broad Range of Industries

FIBERTOWN provides data center and disaster recovery hot-site services to organizations of all sizes across a wide array of industries. FIBERTOWN delivers superior colocation services and designs custom disaster recovery space to Gulf Coast industries, such as oil & gas, healthcare, higher education, information technology and the public sector.

We are a leading technology service company offering premier business continuity and disaster recovery options. Our solutions are designed to protect and ensure availability of an organization’s mission-critical assets — both people and technology — through excellent customer service and high-quality design.

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Energy, Oil & Gas

At FIBERTOWN, we are proud to offer best-in-class data centers to support the complex and robust requirements of oil and gas engineering, energy production & trading, as well as petroleum seismic data collection & processing. Data created by engineers and geologists continue to grow at an ever-increasing rate. Energy companies trust FIBERTOWN as their data center partner.

Health Care

Health care providers are faced with unprecedented pressure to innovate while reducing costs and providing world-class patient care. With the unique challenges associated with implementing the latest technologies, it’s no wonder more health care companies are outsourcing their data center and colocation providers. Learn why Kelsey-Seybold trusts FIBERTOWN as their data center partner.

Higher Education

FIBERTOWN offers data centers, colocation and disaster recovery solutions that meet the needs of modern education. With data centers in Houston and Bryan – College Station, education customers save travel time avoiding long trips to distant data centers. In addition, FIBERTOWN is one of the only data centers in the state to provide access to the Lonestar Education and Research Network (LEARN). FIBERTOWN maintains a private, dedicated-fiber trunk providing unlimited connectivity to Texas A&M University and the LEARN Network. This gives a unique advantage to education customers who colocate with us.

The Texas LEARN Network

The Texas LEARN Network is a group of nearly 40 organizations across Texas, including private and public institutions of higher education, community colleges, the National Weather Service and K-12 public schools.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, LEARN connects members and over 630 affiliated organizations with high-performance network services to support research, education, health care and associated objectives. LEARN connects Texas institutions with a national community of research and education networks.

IT Services

FIBERTOWN has partnerships with a broad range of Internet Service Providers offering multiple tiers of service. When you choose one of our data centers in Houston or Bryan – College Station, Texas, your connectivity will be guaranteed via multiple fiber entry points at each data center. With total carrier neutrality, you can change your network carrier and/or network solution as your business requires. Finally, our Houston and Bryan data centers are connected through a private gateway to provide the highest quality of network access between facilities.

Retail & eCommerce

Both traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, as well as strict e-commerce sites, rely on their IT infrastructure for their most critical systems – selling to their customers. All retailers and e-commerce businesses rely on big data and provide mobile shopping options as more consumers buy on the go. The need for full-time connectivity to business applications and 100% availability of e-commerce sites is a part of the daily requirements of running a retail business today.

The most successful retailers leverage well-connected colocation facilities to ensure they never experience a business-critical outage, and that their customers can always reach them.