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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Office Space

The very best disaster recovery and business continuity plan is the one you never have to use. The worst? Not having one at all. What disaster recovery or business continuity means to your business depends on many, often complex or unpredictable, factors. At FIBERTOWN, we help companies address two key factors: maintaining the availability of your critical technical systems and work area recovery space. Our customers look to FIBERTOWN and our team of disaster recovery experts to maintain 100% up-time. Get peace of mind knowing you can handle any disaster that comes your way.

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Dedicated Business Continuity Space

A critical component of any business continuity plan is a convenient, reliable and secure contingency work site. In the event of a disaster, relocating people and operations is crucial to getting a business back up and running as soon as possible. Our private Business Continuity Campus in Bryan – College Station, Texas blends function, form and design to provide best-in-class technology and secure amenities to support your disaster recovery procedures. Best of all, they are absolutely dedicated to your company and designed to meet your specific needs.

Disaster Recovery Work Space

Different businesses have different Work Area Recovery (WAR) needs. FIBERTOWN disaster recovery customers have access to comfortable work spaces including desks and tables with voice and data capabilities, conference and meeting rooms, 24×7 security and secure access via card readers or biometrics.

100% Up-time for Business Critical Systems

FIBERTOWN offers the fully redundant, secure and reliable data centers to keep your business-critical systems available 100% of the time. As a colocation provider, the range of disaster recovery solutions is nearly unlimited. You can use FIBERTOWN as your primary & secondary sites, only secondary sites, hot or tape back-up, and for Highly Available (HA) fail-over. We can help you configure your systems in the way that is most efficient and appropriate for your disaster recovery needs.