Your secure, end-to-end private connection to the cloud

Joining the Hybrid Cloud?

FIBERTOWN can put you closer to the cloud resources that support your business. FIBERPORT™ allows you to access cloud connectivity services such as Office365, AWS and Google through a single port, optimizing cost and security as well as reducing latency.

FIBERPORT™ gives your business the speed, agility, and scalability to securely share, transfer and analyze your data through our single, secure environment. By using a dedicated, secure port to the cloud, we can help your business in a seamless migration to hybrid cloud environments.


FIBERPORT™ is your secure gateway to Azure, AWS and Google.


FIBERPORT Cloud Connection
  • Elastic Connectivity

  • Avoid the public Internet while using cloud services

  • Scalable Bandwidth up to 10gps

  • Secure links to the cloud from FIBERTOWN or your corporate offices

  • Redundant connections available

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