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Midwest Internet Exchange is now online in the FIBERTOWN Houston Data Center; plans to expand to the Bryan Data Center


June 2, 2021

HOUSTON — Texas-based data center FIBERTOWN is now partnering with Midwest Internet Exchange. By housing this new internet exchange provider within the data center, clients now have access to better routing and lower costs. New clients will enjoy improved network connectivity performance and quality.

“FIBERTOWN is excited to enter into this partnership with Midwest Internet Exchange. Having them on-net provides both our customers and FIBERTOWN the ability to make our routing more efficient, especially as Midwest adds new peering partners,” said Kevin Robertson, Director of Technology for FIBERTOWN.

Midwest Internet Exchange is available now in the FIBERTOWN Houston Data Center in addition to the Altoona, Chicago, Cleveland, Indianapolis, San Antonio and St. Louis locations.

Organizations that connect to Midwest Internet Exchange can directly exchange a portion of their web traffic with other members via a process called peering, which results in lower bandwidth costs.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs), content providers and others delivering services can also exchange traffic within a given region by peering with each other to reduce round-trip delays.

Members can sell their services to other members to benefit from low latency (or lag time), known connection metrics, and less information hops between data centers.

Midwest shares more information online about how internet exchange providers work.

“Texas-IX is excited about our new node inside FIBERTOWN,” says Justin Wilson, managing partner. “FIBERTOWN has an excellent facility with knowledgeable staff. This will greatly assist those members who are new to peering.”


FIBERTOWN is a trusted leader in colocation data centers, disaster recovery and business continuity office space. Texas owned and operated since 1997, FIBERTOWN maintains data centers with concurrent and redundant power, cooling and connectivity, as well as disaster recovery offices and SCADA control centers, in north Houston and Bryan, Texas.

Learn more about FIBERTOWN at fibertown.com. For further information, or to set up a tour or interview, contact Tony Froelich, Vice President and Business Unit Manager, at 713-341-6081.