Colocation Buyer’s Guide

You may be outgrowing your current data center space, or facing reduced power and space capacity in your enterprise data center, or just be looking for a new colocation provider. Whether you’re a small business to large enterprise, let FIBERTOWN help you identify when colocation is the right move.

Data Center Information Sheet

Our data center information sheet provides detailed specifications about our data centers in Houston and Bryan – College Station, Texas in a printable PDF document.

Colocation Provider Checklist

If you’re evaluating colocation and researching data center options, this checklist will make sure you ask all the right questions. From power and networking to facility design and support services, you’ll learn how FIBERTOWN stacks up against the others.

The Essential Guide to Upgrading Your Data Center

With the rise in big data and application usage, it’s extremely likely you are considering a power or space upgrade to add capacity to your data center. Maybe your server closet is overloaded and in need of an update.

Guide to DR Work Sites & Dedicated Business Continuity Work Space

Whether you’ve felt operational distress after a hurricane or require a contingency work site to meet compliance regulations, FIBERTOWN offers scalable and reliable DR solutions to meet your needs.

Avoiding Data Center Downtime

Dual-powered data centers have increased IT reliability by ensuring power distribution and delivery.

Case Study: Kelsey-Seybold Consolidates Multiple Data Centers

Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, a major healthcare provider in Houston, expanded patient-care services and made significant investments in improving physician access to medical information. The clinic began outgrowing its data center facilities and faced the choice to rebuild or transition to colocation. This case study describes the challenges this health care company faced, their goals for success and why FIBERTOWN was their best choice data center.