You never know when your data center could experience an outage.


The industry average is nearly 3 outages per year from natural disasters, human error, power outages or routine patch maintenance.


Downtime has a toppling effect as technology services fail, then business applications, and finally the collapse of communication services.


Don't wait for disaster to strike. Start 2013 with a plan and learn more about

data centers that provide 100% uptime.


Data Center Downtime Infographic


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"To meet state and regulatory requirements, CHC must maintain a disaster recovery data center outside of Houston. FIBERTOWN provides a superior data center solution that met our requirements. Our DR operations at FIBERTOWN allow us to maintain reliable back-up facilities and business continuity, while ensuring regulatory compliance."

John Coakley, Director of Information Systems
Community Health Choice

For more information on our data centers, check out our facility data sheet.