Your secure, end-to-end private connection to the cloud

Joining the Hybrid Cloud?

FIBERTOWN can put you closer to the cloud resources that support your business. FIBERPORT allows you to access cloud connectivity services such as Office365, AWS and Google through a single port, optimizing cost and security as well as reducing latency.

FIBERPORT™ gives your business the speed, agility, and scalability to securely share, transfer and analyze your data through our single, secure environment. By using a dedicated, secure port to the cloud, we can help your business in a seamless migration to hybrid cloud environments.


FIBERPORT™ is your secure gateway to Azure, AWS and Google.


FIBERPORT Cloud Connection
  • Elastic Connectivity

  • Avoid the public Internet while using cloud services

  • Scalable Bandwidth up to 10gps

  • Secure links to the cloud from FIBERTOWN or your corporate offices

  • Redundant connections available

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